Monday, 27 October 2008

Personal Learning network 5

In Lost By One Vote by David Warlick is a very s true example of modern day controversy. David was singled out in a video posted on the Internet. In this video he was blamed for all the worlds suffering, evil, and how Iran would nuke the United States on Saturday. The reason for this is because he forgot to vote for John McCain in the primaries. This happened to be the only vote he didn’t do. This relates to the world because this video was posted by an extreme political action group named MoveOn. In today’s world more and more of these political groups are popping up and criticizing people for what they do differently from what they did. But I just kept reading and turns out you can put someone’s name in and it will show their name in the video. I dent it to all my family and they flipped. But truthfully what would you if your name appeared on a widely viewed video accusing you of something you did?

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