Monday, 20 October 2008

Personal Learning network 3

In the Nata village blog, School House Rock what matters is the school watchman. I say this because it is his job to make sure everyone gets up at five in the morning and make sure the staff is up and getting ready. This connects to some of the world, mostly third world countries because here they use an old truck rim as a bell. Since this village doesn’t have technology and money, like most of Africa they have to improvise and use what they got. They area they live in is extremely poor if they have to use truck rim for a bell, but that doesn’t stop them from going ahead and educating themselves. Just because they are poor doesn’t mean that they can’t learn. This shows just how lucky we are when our school can afford computers, electronic bells, televisions, and projectors, something that most high schools across the nation don’t even have, especially African schools. If only money was standing in the way between you and a better life through education wouldn’t you knock out that barrier and continue learning?

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