Monday, 5 January 2009

Three items

One of my three items would be my boxing gloves. These represent me because i like physical sports, i did wrestling for three years till this year when i fractured part of spine. Since i cannot wrestle anymore i started boxing and love it, my dad and grandpa boxed as well so its kinda in my blood.

The next thing would be my IPOD like most kids. I have 1500 songs on it and i listen to all of them. I have every genre on there, alot of bands of those genres, and lots of songs of those bands. Very unique and different, but then again so am i. I like alot of sports, activites, subjects and am very easily amused.

The last of these items would be a car, like you i love to travel. I have only been to Mexico and Canada but want to see the world. It is my life dream to see and travel the world and see MT. Everest.

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