Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Personal Learning network 8

In the blog CSM Going Online by 2 Cents Worth what matters is change. Ever since the Internet took over our way of life it’s been the focus of many people. In many parts of the world magazine and newspapers don’t appear, in its place is the Internet. Many news companies have been making themselves more easily accessible by the Internet, which changes the way the company is run. Many more people get laid off because there is no more need for their job. For instance many of the people that would be in charge of getting the editors words into the daily paper/magazine are now out of the job. It probably has no real noticeable affect on your life but the change is there. I am affected by it because now I can access a ton more info online and also saving paper, which is another reason for the companies going online. So when a news company stops printing and goes online, is it good or bad?

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